home-modelThe Haelan LifeStream Center offers tools for healing, evolution, and growth in any consideration which one may have in the areas of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. The evolution of healthy lifestyle choices and growth in these 4 elements of our being is developed through a shared dialogue which is conducted around the patient’s chief concerns.

The full integration of body, mind, emotions, and spirit is assisted by an ongoing development of Heart based consciousness. Knowledge of the Heart’s neuromuscular pumping function is expanded into an understanding of its other dynamic, life sustaining, and life expanding roles.

Haelan is an Old English word from which is derived the present day words “heal, whole, holy, holistic, hologram,” and other related words. LifeStream is terminology which signifies our ability to heal our past and future by how we practice Heart based consciousness in the present.

Almost all patients come for my services because of physical complaints, medical industry diagnoses, and troublesome polypharmacy regimens. These symptom concerns are duly addressed, and in the course of helping with the distress associated with such physical complaints, the patient’s deeper story concerns of mind, emotion, and spirit are brought into awareness and focus.

The Haelan LifeStream practice enhances healing and growth in the human quaternary of body-mind-emotions-spirit through the development of awareness, understanding, choice, and accountability in 6 key areas of study and practice: nutrition, exercise, mental and emotional clarity, self love, spiritual alignment, and vision work.

Heart based consciousness is important in this learning process. This is developed through ongoing life practices of forgiveness, non-judgment, self love, and the development of biological Heart resonant frequency, which is 0.1 cycles per second.

A biofeedback interface is used to demonstrate and train the client in Heart resonant frequency. When in this resonant frequency, we feel calm, we can access higher cognitive and intuitive abilities, we can access higher emotional states, and our Hearts can entrain other Hearts to this frequency via quantum field effects.

The Heart’s more subtle and commonly overlooked functions serve as the central organizing intelligence of the multidimensional human being. An awareness of the Heart’s more extended dynamic physiologic and electromagnetic functioning is foundational to understanding how we manifest a healthy, happy, and evolving life process.

In the healing of faulty conscious and subconscious belief patterns, which no longer serve us in our life, we allow conscious choices which are in alignment with our primary motivators, passions, gifts, and individual spiritual path. The brain begins to serve the Heart instead of overriding it.

The manifestation of our life gifts, passions, purpose, and dreams is acquired through the healed Heart.

Haelan LifeStream can assist the client who wishes to:

  • Maintain and enhance one’s current level of health.
  • Assist and develop one’s natural, ever present, all-intelligent healing abilities.
  • Incorporate a personal and graceful “anti-aging” program, as well as any other type of biochemical healing program. Some examples are: weight loss, more energy, detoxification, gut chemistry health, bio-identical hormone replacement, neurotransmitter and neurohormone balance, and many others.
  • Utilization of genetic testing for specific mutations and applied nutrigenomics to gain biochemical balance in both health and disease. This practice, now known as Personalized Medicine, embraces the sciences of personal genomics, nutrigenomics, and pharmacogenomics.
  • Expand knowledge gained from other holistic modalities.
  • Improve conventional, medical-based outcomes with any disease state.
  • Wean deleterious pharmacy or polypharmacy regimens by developing and substituting healthier lifestyle choices, practices, and epigenetics.
  • Use of conventional pharmaceuticals in unconventional ways to support holistic healing. A good example is the use of low dose naltrexone (LDN) in the treatment of autoimmune disorders, cancer, and a host of other problems.
  • Develop a patient advocacy program to help navigate the conventional medical and surgical industries, and associated hazards.
  • Develop emotional intelligence by understanding the key emotional states, why we have them, and how to heal and transform shadow emotion states into their utilitarian counterpart.
  • Heal the reflexive memory patterns of past trauma.
  • Increase courage, acceptance, and joy in one’s life.
  • Understand and develop more moment to moment ongoing Heart resonant frequency.
  • Expand Heart based spiritual consciousness and living.
  • Identify, develop, and manifest one’s gifts, passions and life purpose.
  • Develop a non fear based understanding of Life after Life transition.